Saturday, May 30, 2009

Whatever Happened?

Been so bz takde time nak update.. kay bout my thesis..? colloquium went smoothly..altho, prof Keshav asked me tons of questions which some are not even related to my work. darn it. but im not complaining..

ceyh nmpak macam pro (perasan), however, im busting my ass off trying to answer his question as good n as intelligent as possible.. u cant see it from here tapi berpeloh giler dalam bilik seminar yang super sejuk..yeah u can see it from his face (the one in far right), that he was having fun bullying me. bloody gile jadi professor..

These are pix of the "after party" threw by postgrads students of department of physics..not so much of a party tho..just stuffing our faces with oh-so-fabulous-foods...haha lame..

marlinda, del, me and nisa..

with prof kariem, my supervisor and safa (seboleh-boleh nak tunjuk present yg die menang from lucky draw).

this is how i got my rm10 worth it..yeahhh..

safa nak gossip pon cover la sikit..haha obvious giler..this pic was taken that morning..

the people who came so early that morning to come and support me..yati,safa,eve,wawa and fatin..thanx u guys..

not to mention lyn n del(sorry del, takde gmbar..hee) tanx so much.

tired.happy.relief..its over and done with..the madness and chaotic life of a final student.. malam tu terus cari timun letak kat mate..

Hopefully, all my hard work is paid off..insyaAllah..