Friday, October 16, 2009

Its Gonna Be Legendary!

Aisya Arianna: "Uncle look! Fish!!"

Aqil: "Aisya, in Malaysia we call 'ikan'"

haha funny how my cousin answered her.. They went back already. Its a pity how a month seem so short. Quite sad but..

News Flash!!

me, YES ME, am going to

NEW wait for it.... ZEALAND!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Nak jadi apa after habis degree nanti?

Ishk.. Kenapalah susah sgt nak decide pasal future ni? Dah final sem but i stil tak tau nak buat apa pas habis degree nanti. At the top of my head skarang ni is for sure to further my studies (sentiasa option number 1). Where? Dont care, really. Tapi kalau ikutkan kesenangan UM je la. Tapi senang ker? Dah nak habis ni la tetiba rasa inferior, tak confident langsung, rasa stupid pon ade gak. Banyak benda kena fikir if nak sambung blaja ni. Contoh paling vital la; the choice of my supervisor. Coz am gonna get stuck with that person for a minimum of 2 years. and maybe more! So, kenala cari yang best. If tak best pon yang ngam pon cukup bagus. HANDSOME? Say what? errr... kat department physics? errrrr.... moving on. Problem is tak semestinya professor tu nak supervise i. There was this one incident happened to me yang membuatkan i macam a bit kecewa. That incident have me doubting my credibility as being a good student. Oh well lets not go there. Then theres a matter of scholarship. Gotta apply for that as well coz yuran master of science aint that cheap. Lagi2 UM yang sentiasa cekik darah. Mentang2 la situated dekat tengah2 antara KL, PJ and Bangsar. (ceyh bajet marah tapi sebenarnya best je blaja kat um ni. nak lepak memana go saje. ;p)

What if tak dpt further my studies? Kerja? hurm.. mmg belum terbukak hati nak kerja. Like seriously. Memang la best; experience, meeting new people, gaji total, independent, shopping ikut sesuka hati, dapat blanja mama and abah (to siblings: enunciate, MAMA ABAH only ;p) tapi tapi tapi tapi... Thats not what i REALLY wanna do.. erm.. tah la. tula i cakap. Bila start fikir suma ni, end up with no solution pon. ha nanti esok i akan fikir benda yang sama with no solution gak. darn darn! Solution dalam otak i skarang: nak jumpa doraemon! Nak pinjam pintu suka hati so that dapat tengok future nabila jadi apa dah beso nanti. tsk tsk tsk...

NTS: nabila, cepat decide please?

p/s: Senang khawin. Calon? Please come forward. haha

Friday, October 9, 2009


Finally ada mood nak tulis blog balik. Cukup 2 bulan of moping around. Come on nabila! Enough yawping, enough weeping, stop making any irrelevant speculations that can just do you no good! Now, am starting to think clearly; every cloud has its silver lining. Experience teaches u to be a better person. I guess from my own experience, i learn a lot! a lot a lot! I'm just glad that i have my family and my friends around to support me.

New Chapter! Now im focussing on the last days of my degree year. Although ive been waiting for this moment to come, i cant help feeling sad tho. When i walk through the scary, creepy, spine-chilling hallway of Department of Physics, cant help having the sick sinking feeling that I'm gonna leave this place and worse, I'm sooooo getting older. I'd go green-eyed whenever i ran across our first-year-juniors.. so young, so innocent, so vulnerable.. was one of them dulu2. adeih..da tua arh.

Takpe2.. rite now im more concern about my future. I really2-oh-so-desperately-wanting to further my studies. Dont really care where, but i hope im given the chance! Amin.