Friday, October 9, 2009


Finally ada mood nak tulis blog balik. Cukup 2 bulan of moping around. Come on nabila! Enough yawping, enough weeping, stop making any irrelevant speculations that can just do you no good! Now, am starting to think clearly; every cloud has its silver lining. Experience teaches u to be a better person. I guess from my own experience, i learn a lot! a lot a lot! I'm just glad that i have my family and my friends around to support me.

New Chapter! Now im focussing on the last days of my degree year. Although ive been waiting for this moment to come, i cant help feeling sad tho. When i walk through the scary, creepy, spine-chilling hallway of Department of Physics, cant help having the sick sinking feeling that I'm gonna leave this place and worse, I'm sooooo getting older. I'd go green-eyed whenever i ran across our first-year-juniors.. so young, so innocent, so vulnerable.. was one of them dulu2. adeih..da tua arh.

Takpe2.. rite now im more concern about my future. I really2-oh-so-desperately-wanting to further my studies. Dont really care where, but i hope im given the chance! Amin.

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