Monday, June 1, 2009

my eye candy..

i miss these two lil tikes! aisya with her insightful and repetitive questions and adam with his screaming and his please-kiss-my-chubby-cheeks look!! heehe

trying to look all cute and cheeky coz i caught her playing with my magic colours..

messy hairdo didandan oleh yours truly..

thought her how to pucker up those lucious lips..

aunty sophie thought aisya to be vain like her.. berkebun sempat pose..

baby adam with his finger licking good..

how can u resist kissing him with that tembamness..

this is his please-kiss-my-chubby-cheeks look..

kakak sayang adik..

1 comment:

sophie asmara said...

arghhh...sakit otak tengok budak budak comel nih... memang confrim kene pigi new zealand.!