Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Brother Pucker!

is what I would say when Im pissed starting from now on. Trying to refrain myself from saying those bad badddd words. Anyways, yes. I went to get my hair trimmed last Sunday with Toy boy. Actually, he was the one who wanted to get his hair cut but me the tag along wants some urut kepala so some really bad brother pucker incident happened.

Toy boy asked me where do I want to get my hair trimmed, I told him APT since its near our house and its an academy so they ACTUALLY LEARNED how to cut hair professionally. So when we entered, we chose the senior stylist (still cheap ~RM30 wash and blow and cut) but they made us wait for a torturous 40 minutes! - strike one.

After 40 minutes it was then my turn. As I was lala-ing with a magazine on my hand and texting on the other hand, I briefly explained how I want my hair to be cut. All I said was, make em layered but keep the length. So in goes the scissors; chop chop chop.

It took him FOREVER to cut my hair. I didnt observe coz I put my 100% trust on the self-proclaimed senior stylist. When i finally looked up, my vision slowly became blur due to the instant tears. I look like a fricken 80's rocker. Brother pucker! - strike 2.

So i did some damage control; asked him to just cut the friggin mullet (Yes mullet!). But somehow, the thickness of my hair got him all excited and he decided to cut em all off. ~ STRIKE 3!

So I am now Nabila with short hair. Again. (5 years ago i vow to never cut my hair short again. But this hapenned!) I blame you stupid APT. Now, I vow to never go to that place or its branch ever again! Not to even wash and blow my hair. Aihetchu so much. Sobs..

Look what happened..

and from another angle,

Okay I know it doesn't look as bad as I described my hair to be. But still, it is short people! So short. Sobs.. I want my long locks back.. :(

I cried the whole ride home. Toy boy tried his hardest to ease the sadness. Which he managed to do the day after. He is just that awesome!! :)


Syahid nss said...

~patut la semalam kat burfday party nampak cam lain, nak tegur, tapi umai dah tegur dulu..hehe..kesian...saya hampir la, tapi dia dah tanya dulu, nak potong pendek ke tak..sayang tuh..=)

NabilaAsmara said...

wahhh tula. sedih. tapi to look at the bright side, save shampoo, kepala ringan hehe