Saturday, April 21, 2012

Three C's and a T

The three C's and a T that are currently tearing my skin, bruising my eyes, aching my backbone and causing my insomnia.UM is driving my life hell! There are too many prerequisites that are needed to be done in order for me to graduate. To make matters worse, the meticulous processes are driving me bonkers! There are colloquium, candidature defense, conference and yes thesis. Why am I doing Masters again? Someone, please enlighten me!

Check lists to graduate,

1. ISI paper - published
2. Perbentangan seminar in our respective department (colloquium) ~ technically I've done this but got to confirm back with the faculty, pronto!

3. Candidature defense - this will be end of May 2012 ~ progress 0%
4.  Conference - place secured! need to make the registration payment and poster. 10th July 2012. 3 days after my wedding to be exact. Ain't it wonderful?
5. Thesis.- 30% progress.

Hence, I could say that physics, still is all Greek to me. Cheers to the afflictive process of finishing my masters degree!

Note to self: I need to stop complaining. I can do this!! Easy peasy.

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aidid asmara said...

halo kakbila.
check out my blog. haha. baru buat. :D