Thursday, April 2, 2009

nenek and carpets

i slept late yesterday night.. trying to finish up my work but darn it.. as usual..kene last minit baru boleh illi said to me the other day.. she told me this story about some nenek who bought 2 carpets and wants to bring them home but were to heavy for her.. n the daughter of hers offered to fetch her but hafta wait a while for the car. so this nenek who is afraid of something...which im not sure but illi said she was afraid she might not get to bring the carpets home (i think because of custom or police..but the the nenek definitely did not steal the carpet) so she managed to carry both carpets home all by herself! (ceyh kene ade exclamation mark konon macam klimaks of the story..padahal takde la exciting mane pon..)

so the moral of this story is...... jeng jeng jeng... u haf to haf some tekanan in ur life in order to get something done! that is the way-of-life. so lets relate this to my story... this is a logical explanation why i always wait till wee hours to get my work done.. last minute studying (altho my frens always seemed to think that i always study early like 2 weeks b4 paper...2 week is last minute gang...for me..heee) ..last minute finishing my reports..last minute submitting my paper work..last minute last minute last minute! so aint my fault doing last minute work..its just the way-of-life.. =)

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