Thursday, April 2, 2009


aww man.. my life is pretty shitty damn fricken loads of work to do n so little time.. pressure pressure pressure.. now im in my final year.. n yeah uve guessed it.. thesis.. warghh.. that part contributes alot in my oh-so-stressful life lately.. not to mention my finals are coming up..which means i have 5 TOUGH papers to study which i havent got time at all to revise n colLoquium is coming up and i havent finished my power point presentation slide not to mention my poject paper i havent submitted it yet because i still havent finished chapter 4 which i can totally finish writing it now but am just to fricken lazy to do it. huh! i dare ya to say it in one breath. owh i just want to get this over with!! now is already April.. one month to go.. u go girl! (yeah.. i really cant pull that off)

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